Workshop on Millimetre-Wave Channels and Systems – The Industrial Internet of Things

5G CONNI partner Fraunhofer HHI is organizing the 4th Workshop on Millimetre-Wave Channels and Systems in collaboration with 5G mmW Channel Model Alliance and IEEE VT-S Propagation Committee. In line with one of the project's focus areas, the workshop will be focusing on latest results in the field of radio propagation research for industrial environments. Participation in the workshop is free of charge and open to anyone. For more information and registration instructions, visit


Free-to-access Open 5G Core by Athonet

On September 8, 2020, our project partner Athonet announced the launch of an open 5G core network platform which allows anybody, anywhere, to bring up a 5G network for free by simply connecting a radio access network to Amazon Web Services over an Internet connection. One of the main challenges for many operators, enterprises, radio and device manufacturers is to have a 5G SA core network which is ready to use and test it out. To solve this problem, Athonet, which is an AWS Technology Partner, has created a free-to-use SaaS environment for radio, chipset, device or end-user partners to use a 5G test environment on demand. For more info, visit



IEEE Globecom Workshop on Future Wireless Access for Industrial IoT

The 5G CONNI consortium is organizing the 2nd IEEE Globecom Workshop on Future Wireless Access for Industrial IoT (FutureIIoT) in cooperation with Nokia Bell Labs. The workshop provides a platform for the timely exchange of research, findings and challenges encountered in building a practical Industrial Internet of Things. It seeks to encourage interdisciplinary discussion in order to help maintain a high relevance in IIoT related research activities. It will be held during IEEE Globecom 2020 in Taipei, Taiwan, on December 7, 2020. For more information visit



Kickoff Meeting at Fraunhofer HHI

During this two-day meeting held at Fraunhofer HHI, Berlin, the nine 5G CONNI partners gathered to kick off the 36 months work phase of the project. In multiple workshop sessions, the roadmap for the next three years was defined, starting with the identification of demonstrator use cases and the definition of an architectural framework.



Official Project Announcement at EU-TW 5G / Beyond 5G Workshop

The 5G CONNI project was officially announced to a broader audience from industry and academia during the joint EU-Taiwan 5G / Beyond 5G Workshop in Taipei. Hosted by the 5G Program Office of the Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs in cooperation with DG CONNECT, the workshop featured a diverse agenda covering future research topics fort he evolution beyond 5G. Dr. Shawkang Wu (ITRI) gave an overview oft he 5G CONNI project and ist value proposition for industries moving towards 5G-based wireless networking.