Name Date Download
Workshop on Terahertz Channels and Systems at VTC 2021-Spring (Read more) 27.04.2021
UPTIME 2021 – The Annual Private 5G & LTE World Community Conference organized by Athonet (Read more) 27.01.2021
Workshop on Future Wireless Access for Industrial IoT (FutureIIoT) at IEEE Globecom 2020 (Read more) 07.12.2020
Workshop on Millimeter-Wave Channel and Systems: Next Generation Industrial IoT at IEEE VTC 2020-Fall (Read more) 25.11.2020
6G: The next Frontier : The goal oriented wireless semantic communications revolution – Tutorial at IEEE CCNC 2021 (Read more) 12.01.2021
First 6G Summer School at Lake Como (Read more) 20.07.2020
Workshop on Cloud Technologies and Energy Efficiency in Mobile Communication Networks at IEEE ICC 2020 (Read more) 07.06.2020
13th International Workshop on Evolutional Technologies & ecosystems for Beyond 5G and 6G at IEEE WCNC 2020 (Read more) 25.05.2020
When clouds meet 6G: the academic, industrial and standard perspectives – Industrial Seminar at IEEE Globecom 2019 (Read more) 13.12.2019
6G: the next frontier, Academic, Industrial and Standard Perspective – Tutorial at CCNC 2020 (Read more)


Name Date Journal/Conference Location Download
Beyond 5G Private Networks: the 5G CONNI Perspective (Read more) 07.12.2020 IEEE Globecom Workshops
Channel Measurements and Large Scale Parameter Estimation in an Industrial Environment 27.09.2021 VTC2021-Fall
Over-the-Air Verification of Angle-of-Arrival Estimation in Millimeter-Wave Channel Sounders 27.09.2021 VTC2021-Fall
Beyond private 5G networks: applications, architectures, operator models and technological enablers (Read more) 04.12.2021 EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking (Springer)
Wireless Edge Machine Learning: Resource Allocation and Trade-offs (Read more) 17.03.2021 IEEE Access
6G networks: Beyond Shannon towards semantic and goal oriented-communications (Read more) 10.03.2021 Computer Networks (Elsevier)
Dynamic Resource Optimization for Decentralized Estimation in Energy Harvesting IoT Networks (Read more) 22.12.2020 IEEE Internet of Things Journal
Topological Signal Processing: Making Sense of Data Building on Multiway Relations (Read more) 29.10.2020 IEEE Signal Processing Magazine
Topological Signal Processing Over Simplicial Complexes (Read more) 23.03.2020 IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing
Dynamic Computation Offloading in Multi-Access Edge Computing via Ultra-Reliable and Low-Latency Communications (Read more) 18.03.2020 IEEE Transactions on Signal and Information Processing over Networks